4 Styles for the Ladies

No matter which style you choose for summer entertainment, remember to protect your hair and scalp from prolonged exposure to the sunshine, pool, and salt aquatic. These elements can injure the sensitive cutaneous on your scalp and desiccate your hair—leading to break and the appearance of thinning hair.

1.Popular hair styles:Asymmetrical

Everyone has a good side. Ask your stylist for an asymmetric cut that leaves one side longer than the other. The longer side will frame your face (of course, this is your best side!), the shorter side will keep you cool throughout the summer. This is a great choice for ladies with thinning hair as it permits you to sweep all the hair on top of your head to the longer side, which increases plumpness. In addition, this is a fashionable style, both stylish and fashionable.

2.Popular hair styles:Pixie

4 Styles

Think Tinkerbell and fairy dust. When sliding backward, this miraculous and simple cut looks elegant, and when slightly confused, it looks sporty, and hiding behind the ears makes the office sharp. Opt for piece-y layers that join texture and brink to your style. To tame unruly hair, process the styling products with mousse or hairspray while it is still wet.

3.Popular hair styles:Short Bob

4 Styles

The chin is long and full of plump layers; this facial-modified cutout highlights the eyes and cheekbones. The other great thing concerning this short, but not too-short style, is that it’s easy to attempt some fashionable color streaks without looking overdone.

4.Popular hair styles:Mid-Length Bob

4 Styles

Smooth, smooth, and blunt cut, this classic style falls exactly halfway between your chin and shoulders. Face framing and full of motion, this is the consummate selection to show off your neck and frame your face.


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