Quick hairstyle tutorial, messy hair

Need a hairstyle to fix messy hair quickly? Learn more about hair

Quick Hairstyle Tutorial – WHAT YOU NEED:

Quick hairstyle tutorial

1.Bobby pins

2.Small hair elastics (optional)


1. Determine how you want your hair to look. I like to leave something on the sides and a little extra space at the top.

2. Cut apart on the top of the head and flatten the top. Hold the hair with your right hand, wrap the hair loosely with your left hand, and then curl it into a little bun.

3. Weave a hairpin on the bottom of the bun and fix it on the head.

4. Repeat the operation to create a line of buns on the back of your head. Note: The trick to ensuring that the hair s below has enough hair is to create a U-shaped part below. This means that you have to absorb more hair from the side and leave the hair behind.

5. To even out the buns, you can stretch it before fixing the sides in place.

6. For higher stability, you can use an extra bobby pin and connect the buns to fix it in place.

Styling techniques can increase the volume:

Quick hairstyle tutorial

If you have beautiful hair or want a big bun, please do the following:

1. Use the product before styling. It is my third day of hair. It is full of curly hair styling products and has been braided, so no extra grip is needed. However, before you start, you may want to try some dry shampoo or texture spray to create more volume in your hair.

2. Before creating the buns, please use a small rubber band to fix each part in place. It allows you to create tighter sections on the sides and makes the bun-hawk look bigger too.

3. Teasing each ponytail, then twist into a bun. I like to use a comb or a small reverse comb. It will create a lot of extra height and texture in the bun-hawk.

What if I don’t want to increase the volume?

1. If you prefer a neater effect, please perform the steps opposite to the above volume.

2. I also recommend that you use hair spray to suppress flying and tidy up frizz.

This bun hawk hairstyle is comfortable to wear all day long, and when I wear it, I get a lot of compliments.

Any hairstyle that saves me time to wash my hair is my perfect hairstyle. It starts from the ordinary bun, and you can style it according to your preferences.

Lazy day hairstyle

How to get bigger, fluffy hair

Lazy day hairstyle

We have shared hundreds of beautiful hairstyle tutorials, from intricate braids to all-night curls that can be with you, but we also know that some of these hairstyles may take some effort to create. What happens in those mornings when you don’t want to spend extra energy on your hair? We are all in those lazy days, and we want our hair to look as cute as possible.

We shared four lazy day hairstyles that take a few seconds to create, scroll down to get step-by-step instructions for each lazy hairstyle.

Hairstyle 1: donut bun

Lazy Day HairstylesAs we all know, the final lazy hairstyle is always a famous messy bun, but sometimes, the messy bun does not look clean and elevated enough. Cue donut buns. This bun is made of donuts, which takes a few seconds to complete, but the appearance is smoother.

step 1

Tie your hair into a high ponytail.

Step 2

Pass the ponytail through the donut, slide the donut to the end of the ponytail, and lose about 3 inches.

third step

Wrap the end of the hair around the donut and stuff it into the donut hole. In this step, it is not necessarily perfect, but make sure your hair is covered with as many foam donuts as possible.

Step 4

Hold the outside of the donut with your thumb, rotate the donut with the rest of your fingers, and then flip it inwards. Will roll more ponytails into the bread.

Step 5

Continue to flip the doughnut until it reaches the head. During the process, Be sure to adjust the bun and tuck any messy hairs as you go.

Hairstyle 2: Hairband

Using a headband may seem simple and straightforward, but many girls forget to bring this accessory! Very fast and easy and easy way to easily add a little spice to loose hair.

Step 1

Brushback to the front of the hair so that there is no hair part.

Step 2

Grab your favorite headband and pull it back.

Hairstyle 3: Low Messy Bun

Lazy Day Hairstyles

Low ponytail or low hair always exudes a chic atmosphere, so for our third lazy day hairstyle, we chose a low and messy bun. This bun can be completed in just a few seconds, but it looks great with a suit jacket and some simple earrings.

Step 1

Tie your hair into a low ponytail, but only tie your hair in half. Create two or three loops, which will eventually become a chaotic bun.

Step 2

Pull a few pieces from the top of your head to form a roll at the back and loosen the bun slightly. You want the bun to look relaxed and cool.

third step

Pull out a few hairs in the front to frame the face.

Hairstyle 4: High Ponytail with hair extensions

Lazy Day HairstylesIf you want to take the risk, you can take a minute or two to add some weft. Hair extensions are just the key to upgrading the usual high ponytail to a thicker, more extended version.

step 1

Divide your hair into crowns above your ears.

Step 2

Take a two weft thread and clamp it upside down in the crown. It is crucial when making high ponytails to ensure that the weft yarn remains smooth and hidden.

third step

Take a 3-needle weft thread and clamp it upside down under the 2-needle weft thread. Will ensure that the end of the ponytail is beautiful.

Step 4

You can add any other 1 or 2 weft threads on the side of the hair as needed.

Step 5

Turn all the hair over and gather it into a beautiful, thick, and extended high ponytail!

Who said it looks great and must spend more time in the morning? We hope these lazy hairstyles will tell you that only a few minutes in the morning can bring beautiful results.

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