Hair volume: how to get bigger, fluffy hair

Hair VolumeThe 80s may be long gone, and when they grow up, long hair will never go out of style. Contrary to popular belief, size is essential, and today, we partnered with our friend Sarah Angius to show you how to get huge hair. Whether your hair is thin, straight, or curly, thick like Sarah’s, these techniques will give you bigger hair and greater confidence.

How to blow out plump hair
You will need it.

1. Hairdryer with a concentrator attachment

2. Big round brush

3. A curling wand or curling iron

4. Teasing brush or paddle brush

5. A lot of sprays or a lot of powder

Step 1: Get voluminous hair – Apply heat protectant.

Start with freshly washed hair, then apply a heat protectant and spray on the hair. Since we will use a lot of heat to the hair during this plumping process, the heat protectant is essential to keep the hair is moisture and prevent it from drying out.

Step 2: Get voluminous hair – Blow hair

Hair Volume

Hair volume: How to get voluminous hair

Have you ever thought about the secret of perfecting a hair salon? Is: 1.use a round brush, starting from the hair is the root, taking a small part of the hair, and 2.wrap the hair around the brush. Start drying, slowly pull the brush from the roots while drying the hair, making sure that the nozzle of the hair is down. Ensures that all hair dries smoothly in the same direction. Push the round brush up toward the root, and then pull toward the tip again until the slices are completely dry.

To get larger curls, keep these sections lifted and blow dry upwards, this will create that curls at the roots.

Once you’ve blow-dry all your hair, use a cool breeze to dry the hair to fix the hairstyle.

Step 3: Get voluminous hair – Add sending and receiving

Hair extensions are great for adding extra thickness to your hair-we recommend using the thickest 220g set for full volume.

Step 4: Get voluminous hair – Curly hair

Using a curling iron, twist each part of the hair away from the face and curl all the hair in the same direction. You can use your fingers to tell when the hair is hot enough to release the hair. Place each curled part individually until all the curls are completed. It Will cool and solidify the curls and will stay longer.

You have curled all your hair, curl it up to make sure all hair is completely curled.

STEP 5: Get voluminous hair – TEASE THE CURLS

Yes, you heard that, right! Combing hair is Sarah’s styling secret, which can make hair bigger. Usually, this is done at the hair is roots to lift the hair, but if each curled part is combed back, the hair will expand, thereby increasing the volume and thickness of the hair.

You can use a teaser brush or paddle brush to comb your hair. However, be gentle when teasing your hair, because you don’t want to create big frizz balls!


Hair Volume

Is the extra beauty your hair needs. Use a volumizing spray or volumizing powder to spray the hair on the roots and entire curls, and then use it. Make sure not to add too much product, as this may make the hair too low.


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