Why Choose a Lace Closure For a Hair Wig

A hair wig is more and more famous for black women. They use a human hair wig to create special hairstyles. Usually, they use hair bundles for stitching in a wig. While this is an antique way of creating a wig, now, humans select to use hair bundles to in shape with lace closure to make an invisible and herbal look. Today allow us to proportion with you why we choose lace closure when we make a wig. 

What is a lace closure? 

Lace Closure For a Hair Wig

Usually, lace closure is 4×4 inch which covers u part of a wig on your head. Now you’ll locate 5×5 inch lace closure, 6×6 lace closure, and 7×7 lace closure. Sellers component the lace closure to loose element, middle part, and three-part. If you don’t recognize which component you want to choose, we advise you to pick out the free part. Then you can element in any direction you want. 

You can be wondered how can I choose it. The distinction among those lace closure is the dimensions of the lace is extraordinary. According to your requirements, you can pick out a select size. 

The large the lace closure this means that the lace closure covers a larger region to your head. The larger length of the lace closure can make your wig extra herbal. You may find cowl part at the lace that is invisible and undetectable. 

Of route, the fee is likewise distinct, the larger, the rate is better. Some clients want to have actual hair like their very own. They can pick lace frontal. There are many styles of lace frontal too. Such as 13×4 inches lace frontal, 13×6 inches lace frontal, and 360 lace frontal. 360 frontal lace cover all the line of your head. So in case, you select this frontal, regardless of which hairstyle you make, it seems greater herbal than different wigs. 

What features of the lace closure? 

Lace Closure For a Hair Wig

  1. The lace we used changed into imported from Swiss, the materials are very good.Sothe lace is durable and breathable. Even a powerful guy can’t damage the lace by using hand. Please don’t fear approximately the great of the lace.
  2. The hair is real hair, one hundred human hair. Never mix different hairs; we use actual human sew in hair. Masters sew the hair at the lace one at a time. So there are hair knots at the lace. To make the knots invisible, you could bleach it, however, be cautious to bleach, or it’s going to ruin the hair.
  3. Pre-plucked hairline. Different hair areas we use exclusive hair density which closure to the actual hair. Because the hair is pre-plucked, clients aren’t important for plucking the hair. Of path, you can pluck a touch more in case you assume it is not appropriate on your hair.
  4. Baby hair around the threshold of the hairline. We leave a few child hairs across the lace closure. You can trim it to the haircut you like. 

How to use a lace closure? 

Lace Closure For a Hair Wig

When you prepare to sew in a closure wig, you may leave an element for lace closure. Lace closure has to healthy with hair bundles to make an entire hair wig. 

First, select a wig cap, mark the line for hair weft and lace closure. Put the wig cap at the standing head, then use a marker pen to mark the corns at the wig cap. 

Second, stitch in closure weave from the backside of the wig cap through needle and thread along the hairline you marked. 

Third, pin the lace closure at the stand foam. Sew the lace closure to cowl the left part. 

Forth, comb the wig you’re making, flat the hair. If the lace closure you buy is a free element, you can element to sideway or middle component or others. 

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