License Grant. Subject to the terms of this Agreement, and its affiliates hereby grant to Customer a non-exclusive, non-transferable license (the “License”) for Customer and its Authorized Users to access and use the products and services listed on Customer’s approved Order Form (the “Service”) solely at Customer’s principal location and those locations identified on the Order Form or a separate schedule (“Additional Sites”). Additional locations may be added as Additional Sites upon written notice to and payment of additional fees, if applicable. Access and use of the Service is only for the internal, research purposes of Customer and/or its Authorized Users as further described in Exhibit A (Permitted Uses). Customer does not acquire any intellectual property ownership in the Service or any associated software, systems, documentation, content, other materials and/or improvements made thereto, including improvements based upon customer feedback. All such rights and interests remain in and its licensors.

Authorized Users. Unless otherwise detailed on the Order Form, “Authorized User” means only: (a) For public libraries: library staff, individual residents of Customer’s reasonably defined geographic area served, and walk-in patrons while they are on-site; (b) For schools and other academic institutions: currently enrolled students, faculty, staff, and visiting scholars, as well as walk-in patrons while they are on-site; and (c) For other types of organizations: employees and independent contractors, while performing their work. Authorized Users excludes Customer’s corporate affiliates, academic bookstores, and alumni unless those users are expressly included and reflected on the Order Form or Additional Sites Schedule.